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Tipples & Nibbles Tour $20 (30 Minutes)
Includes a welcome drink, tour of the Archetype Distillery with our master distiller, and guided tasting of our gin and vodka.


Classes are hosted by Drinksmith Simon Nicolian: Master Mixologist and Sommelier of wine, spirits and sake. They offer a fun and informative insight into the world of spirits and mixed drinks. 

Vodka Class $55 (1 Hour)
What is Vodka? Get to know the history, process and ingredients of this Archetypal spirit. Through the course, you will sample 2 classic cocktails made with Archangel Vodka.

Gin Class $55 (1 Hour)
What is Gin?  Get to know the history, process and ingredients of this Archetypal spirit.  Through the course, you will sample 2 classic cocktails made with Archrival Gin.

What to Drink, When? $60 (1 Hour)
Drinking can be serious business! We all enjoy a tasty drink, but did you know that what you drink, when, has a science to it?  In this MasterClass, we explore tasting fundamentals, understanding appetite and digestion and how alcohol and cocktails affect the body and taste buds, and of course matching spirits and cocktails with food. Includes a tasting of an aperitif and a digestif through the course.

Cocktail MasterClass $65 (1.5 Hours)
Join us for a trip through the history of cocktails, learn “The DNA of Drinks” that shows the difference between a good drink and a great drink. Our Drinksmith will guide you through finding the right balance as you make your own version of 3 classic cocktails.

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